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10 places to buy second hand snowboard gear online

Looking to save a few quid on your snowboard equipment this season? Well you’ve come to the right place. We’ve pulled together 10 of the best places to source second hand snowboard gear online.

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Goneboarding is one of the biggest online snowboarding communities, and as a result there’s loads of used goods on offer. There are dedicated threads for everything from bindings to backpacks, which makes browsing gear a breeze.

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SCUK (Snowboarding Club UK) is another massive community site which offers a wealth of pre-loved treasures within its Wanted/For sale pages. As well as browsing what’s on offer, it’s worth registering an account and posting details of what you’re looking for – you never know, you might just get lucky.

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Snowheads is more ski than board focused, but don’t let that deter you. Amongst the ski talk there is a thread dedicated to those of us who prefer the ‘darkside‘ of winter sports, and a classified section in which used snowboard gear does get posted from time to time. As above, it’s worth posting a ‘wanted’ ad in hope that someone might be getting rid of some old gear.

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Whitelines classifieds

There’s not loads on here (yet), but you can sign up to the classifieds email alerts to be notified when products meeting your search criteria are added.

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A small selection but one to keep an eye on as the winter draws closer.

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Like above, currently a bit thin on the ground in terms of second hand gear but definitely one to keep an eye on as the season draws nearer.

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We all know what eBay is so I’ll spare the introduction. The link below goes straight to used snowboard results, you’ll just have to play with the filters to find something that’s within budget and collection distance.

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A bit like eBay but without the bidding. Kind of. Gumtree may not have the widest selection of winter sports gear but you never know what you might find, so it’s worth keeping tabs on.

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Very similar to Gumtree (in that it’s a site for selling used stuff) but the selection is much better. The link below will take you straight to ‘used snowboards sale’ search results, but have a play around with your searches to discover potential hidden gems.

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Facebook local classified pages

Amongst the torrents of noise there are (occasionally) some useful things to surface from Facebook, namely the hundreds of local ‘for sale’ groups. These are typically aimed at local sellers/buyers within any given town or city so you’ll need to do a bit of research to find a good one in your area. You’ll have to sift through loads of used ironing boards and baby toys but you might find the occasional treasure, particularity towards the end of the winter season.

A final quick word of warning

It should go without saying that when buying second hand gear you need to be extra careful about checking it over. Scratches and dings are to be expected, but you don’t want to end up buying something that’s going to let you down on the mountain. If buying your first setup, it pays to get a second opinion from someone that really knows their stuff before you hand over any cash.

Furthermore you need to consider carefully what you’ll be using the equipment for: buying a knackered old board may save you some cash in the short-term, but it probably won’t hold up for the duration of a season, for example.

It pays to have some specifics in mind before beginning your search. Be it a certain brand, size or model, it’s easier to search for something that you know you want, rather than picking from a huge selection.

Finally, never buy a second hand helmet. Just don’t. If you need a snowboard helmet I suggest you buy a shiny new one.

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