Introducing the GoRigIt GoPro phone case

There’s a new GoPro accessory in town, and it’s designed to work hand in hand with your smartphone.

Put simply, the GoRigIt turns your phone into a viewing screen for your GoPro, allowing you to see exactly what your GoPro is pointing at, without the need of an expensive WiFi backpack.gorigit

Here’s what the company has to say about it:

“The product we’ve created is a top-of-the-line iPhone case with a GoPro attachment so that users can attach their GoPro to their phone and use it to view and manage what they’re shooting, while they’re shooting it (using the GoPro app). GoPro users have always had to carry two separate products to take advantage of this feature – their phone and their GoPro. We have solved that problem by combining the two products while maintaining versatility, durability, and portability.”

The GoRigIt seems like the next logical step in the Wifi action camera evolution and we look forward to seeing it in action.

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