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No official GoPro carry case? No worries

For reasons unknown, GoPro has never released an official carry case for its range of camera products and accessories.

Anyone who owns a GoPro and multiple accessories will know just how useful such a product would be, both in terms of transportation and protection.

But whilst there may not be an official GoPro case on the market, there are plenty of good alternatives. Here are our top three:

SP POV case for GoPro

The SP POV Case by SP is a tough little case which is suitable for all GoPro models. It comes in a range of sizes – XS to L – making it a great option for those with lots of accessories, or alternatively, for those who like to travel light.

SP POV carry case for GoPro

Cost: from £18 from Amazon.co.uk – Click here to view

Specs & dimensions:

  • compatible with all GoPro Cameras (Hero 1, 2, 3, Hero3+)
  • for Cam + Housing + LCD BacPac
  • for extra batteries
  • for LCD / WI-FI / Battery Pack
  • for GoPro® WI-FI Remote
  • for Cables, Accessories and more
  • XS: 165 x 120 x 68 mm
  • Small: 220 x 170 x 68 mm
  • Large: 330 x 220 x 68 mm

DURAGADGET Protective Case For GoPro

This protective case is suitable for all GoPro cameras and has room for various accessories. The Duragadget only comes in one size, however the customisable foam inlay allows for a degree of personalisation.

Duragadget carry case for GoPro

Cost: £15 from Amazon.co.uk – Click here to view

Specs & dimensions:

  • shock proof internal foam cutouts, custom designed for a range of accessories 
  • splash proof outer
  • carrying handle and shoulder strap
  • compatible with all GoPro Cameras (Hero 1, 2, 3, Hero3+)
  • specific cutouts for: 
        • GoPro Camera (any type, with or without extension back door) 
        • 3 batteries (All types) 
        • mini car charger 
        • Wifi Remote 
        • 2 SD Cards 
        • 2 backdoors (extension or normal, vented or sealed) 
        • 2 BacPacs (Battery or LCD Screen) 
        • Large open area for any mounts or other accessories you may have

GEM Carry Case for GoPro

GEM case for GoPro

Like the two cases above, the GEM Carry Case has plenty of room for your GoPro and accessories. The GEM’s major selling point is the three way carry system, which makes it an ideal stand-alone carry device.

Cost: £19 from Amazon.co.uk – Click here to view

Specs & dimensions:

  • three way carry system – belt included for waist pack, belt loop, or shoulder carrying
  • 2 zipped compartments with internal netted pocket
  • 2 netted side pockets
  • padded main compartment with removable padded divider
  • main compartment dimensions – height: 130mm, depth: 80mm, width: 155mm

The bottom line

Each of the cases above will suit some users more than others. Ultimately your choice of case will be dictated by how much GoPro equipment you own, and how much more you intend on buying – it’s better to have a case which is slightly too big, rather than one which you’ll outgrow down the line.

You should also consider how and where you intend using your GoPro case: the SP POV is great to throw into a backpack, but a lack of carry straps makes it less suitable as a standalone carry device, for example.

Got a suggestion? Please feel free to leave a comment below.

For more GoPro case solutions check out snowboardbags-uk.co.uk/department/gopro-cases

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