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How to lock your bike up properly [video]

If you’ve ever had your bike stolen, you’ll know how god damn infuriating it is. Losing a bike hurts under any circumstance, but knowing that some thieving oik is out there riding it, or gleefully spending the money that they got for selling it really rubs salt into the wound. My bike was stolen a…


Best 2014 single speed bikes for under £450

Single speed (SS) bikes have grown in popularity over the past few years, and when you consider the benefits it’s not hard to see why – they look cool as hell, they’re extremely low maintenance and they’re a lot of fun to ride. Because single speeds are relatively light in terms of components, they’re also…

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What is SUP? [Infographic]

Stand up paddle boarding, or SUP, is the fastest growing water sport in the world. But what is SUP, and where does it come from? This infographic from should help answer those questions for you!  


Where to snowboard & ski in the UK

The collective success of Team GB at this year’s Winter Olympics has given British snowboarding & skiing some well earned recognition, and inspired a nation of budding winter sports ‘noobs’ to get out there and learn to ski or snowboard. Young or old, it’s never too late to get involved in skiing or snowboarding, you…


Time to buy a snowboard helmet

It’s amazing that there is any debate at all around whether or not snowboarders should wear helmets. It is of course the choice of the individual, but there is more than enough evidence out there to suggest that riding without protection is just plain stupid. Earlier this week the world witnessed first hand the importance…

Action camera guide

Waterproof action camera buying guide

Surfing, SUPing or snorkeling – its all better relived in glorious HD. Here’s our guide to buying a waterproof action camera. There are two very clear ends of the waterproof video camera spectrum: there are cameras which can be purchased over the counter at your local supermarket, and there are specialist cameras which can set…

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No official GoPro carry case? No worries

For reasons unknown, GoPro has never released an official carry case for its range of camera products and accessories. Anyone who owns a GoPro and multiple accessories will know just how useful such a product would be, both in terms of transportation and protection. But whilst there may not be an official GoPro case on…

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Red Paddle Co announces new 2014 product range

Inflatable SUP manufacturer, Red Paddle Co, has announced an exciting new line of products for 2014. The company have been producing inflatable stand up paddle boards since 2008, and it’s safe to say that their products are regarded by many (including us!) as the best in the business. They perform brilliantly on the water, they’re…

which action camera should i buy

Which action camera should I buy?

It’s a question which is asked regularly within action sports communities – which action camera should I buy? And its a tough one, because with so many options out there, you really are spoiled for choice. So if you’re struggling to choose, perhaps this infographic from Action Cameras might help… Helmet Camera Comparison from Action…


5 awesome GoPro alternatives

GoPro has dominated the action camera market for what seems like forever now, and through years of innovative product development has earned a solid reputation as the ‘go to’ brand for action sports fans world over. But if you’re thinking of buying an action camera don’t assume that GoPro is your best and only option,…